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Wellness 1st Nutrition has been in business over 18 years helping clients achieve optimal wellness. Karie Zipper is a Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in alternative nutritional therapies and dietary education. Committed to forming relationships with patients looking to lose or manage their weight, deal with chronic diseases, health the gut and much more. Wellness 1st is here to improve their clients quality of life, so get in touch today to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle.

Karie suffered over 10 years trying to get her health in order. She went to numerous Drs and no help! When she was offered a job in alternative medicine, selling delayed allergy testing and a professional line of supplements to practitioners, is when she was finally able to get the help! She did the delayed allergy testing and found she was sensitive to many foods and items she was eating and being exposed to every day! She cut them from her diet for 6 months, got retested, and had some new sensitivities, but cleared some of the originals and was on her journey to health finally! Along with removing the foods she used many supplements to support her system and had many wonderful alternative Drs and Chiropractors help her along her journey. 

Three years later, she decided to become a nutritionist so she could help others and teach about food and how it affects you! Also she puts people on high quality supplements that their body needs vs store grade ones. There is a big difference. Wellness 1st offers a private label and uses other professional brands to address your needs/deficiencies. 

Karie is passionate about helping others achieve optimal wellness and not go down the path she suffered earlier in her life. She has been free from Asthma & severe Migraines since 2001, arthritic symptoms gone since 2003, and has her gut mostly restored! She is on no medications and is the most fit she has ever been! Contact Karie today to restore your health! Don't delay!

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