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Our Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Bars are made with unsweetened baking chocolate, peanuts, and coconut - and then we sweeten that mix up slightly with a stevia/erythritol blend.  Our texture is like a 'no bake' bar or fat bomb: rich, dense and melts in your mouth. Simple, delicious, keto!

21g Fat

3g Net Carbs

No Added Sugar

Gluten Free


Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Coconut, Erythritol, Water, Salt, Stevia. That's it!

High Fat Low Carb Yum
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3 Delicious Flavors


  1. Meter reads ketone & glucose blood testing strips

  2. One touch strip ejector

  3. Easy-to-Read screen

  4. Back light with auto-off mode

  5. Store up to 1,000 tests

  6. One touch button

  7. Portable / Travel size

  8. Ketone readings in mmol/L

  9. Glucose readings in mg/dL

  10. Reads Hematocrit & Hemoglobin measurements

  11. Has an adjustable date & time function

True way of knowing if you are in ketosis 

Keto Blood & Glucose Meter 


Enjoy Low carb foods like bread, pancakes, syrup, tortillas, & crackers that taste good.

*Please note I do not recommend the cookies or the pasta. 

Low Carb Bread, Thins, Tortillas, pancakes, & more!

Know Foods 

  • Sugar-Free (< 1g/L)

  • Low Sulfites 

  • Mycotoxin/Mold-Free

  • No Additives

  • Chemical FREE

  • Gluten-free

  • Paleo-Friendly

  • Keto-Friendly

  • Low Carb-Friendly

  • Mouthwateringly Delicious

  • Naturally or Biodynamically Farmed

Low Sugar Low Carb Keto Wines


Homeopathic Bottles

adding new things weekly 

More to come

Still in progress

Woman & Doctor

adding new things weekly

More to come