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Updated: May 1, 2020

Ever wonder what your genes can tell you? Wondering if you have any SNP mutations that might affect your health or maybe wondering if you are taking the right supplements? Well I was! I finally decided to get my testing done through GX Sciences in October! I did the Autoimmune/Inflammatory Panel. Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can negatively affect many physiological and metabolic processes. Overcoming these metabolic weaknesses with the right supplement allows you to maximize your genetic variations (SNPs) and maintain optimal health.

What did I discover? A host of things that I actually wondered about for a while and put all my research about my self and my health for years into perspective. What did I learn? That I need to reduce inflammation in the body so I am not hypersensitive to so many foods that I eat. I also need to take a lot of probiotics/spores daily as my intestinal cell walls do not attract good bacteria easily and probably why I have had numerous bouts of dysbiosis in the past and IBS (diagnosed at age 20). I have cleared about 80% of this but never seem to get to 100% and now I know why! I need to increase probiotics and decrease inflammation in the body! I also have an issue with regulating my immune response which makes me susceptible to chronic inflammation as well as a decreased ability to recover from toxic mold exposure. I also need to be careful of blood sugar and insulin and do a 12-15 hour fast daily to help with Autophagy (clearing of debris and toxins from my cells). It was recommended that I increase my body's ability to detox properly using certain supplements too!

I have been taking the recommended Phase 1 supplements now for about a month and starting to notice that my gut is calmer and overall wellbeing is better. Next I will add in detox support and get some recommended hormone testing done too. That will be my phase 2!

Here is some info the Testing, Panels that are offered, example report, and more! If you are interested in testing yourself, please reach out to me! Kits are FREE of charge you just pay for the panel you want done. It's an easy cheek swab so any age can do this. This is helpful for people to see if they have MTHFR mutation and what supplements their body needs to keep from getting diseases and to optimize your wellness and feel great! Contact me for more info or to get a Kit for testing.


Why Do Patients Need Nutrigenomic Testing?

Genetic variants are more common than we realize:

•More than 75% of all patients have significant genetic weaknesses (SNPs) in the most important nutritional metabolism pathways.

•Millions of patients expend their valuable income on nutritional supplements without knowledge or scientific proof of nutritional need or benefit.

•Without genetic validation of enzyme function, many supplements are not effectively delivered at the cellular level, therefore, the patient can be wasting time and money with nutritional ingredients that have little to no benefit.

Just because a patient has a (+ / +) or even a (+ / -), does not mean they have or will have a disease. It just means they have a predisposition for a condition, if exposed to the right environment, it may ignite that gene expression. A Genomic SNP is like a crack in the foundation of a bridge. …What if we could reinforce the cracks and were able to guide patients on how to do so? Having knowledge of where the cracks are in our foundation, would tell us where not to put the most stress.


-Clinical definitions by our experts on what each SNP means to you and your health

-Recommended nutrients and nutritional oversight on how to overcome genetic weaknesses (SNPs)

-Nutritional product recommendations created by our experts for these particular genetic SNPs

-Health precautions and lifestyle recommendations

-Recommended lab work based upon the patient's DNA results

-Scientific references on each SNP from top medical journals and research abstracts

Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can negatively affect many physiological and metabolic processes. Overcoming these metabolic weaknesses with the right supplement allows each patient to maximize their genetic variations (SNPs) and maintain optimal health.

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