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Low Carb Holiday Recipes

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Holidays always have yummy food, many traditional recipes we want or crave, but honestly most can be made low carb unless it's the mashed potatoes or the sweet potato casserole! There are options tho... cauliflower mash, keto stuffing, roasted carrots, green beans with bacon, the list goes on. Don't get stuck at a party or dinner without food you can eat to stay on track. Bring your favorite appetizer and side dish to share, so you have your food to eat and then eat the meat being served. Bring some nuts with you to munch on for dessert if you need. Or make some of these cookies and fit right in. Everything might look tempting, but hold your ground and choose what you know is low carb to keep off the holiday pounds. Remember to drink lots of water and choose drinks that are made w/ club soda or a Zevia soda. Don't drink all your carbs before you eat! Lots of options for zero carb or low carb alcohol. Check out my pinterest pages below for some healthy options.


Main Course/Sides



Wishing you & yours a fantastic holiday season & a blessed and healthy 2020!


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